I don’t know any artists that make their own way without some (or lots!) of help from friends, family and strangers. I would like to show my appreciation here by listing those who have helped me along the way (only listing them if I know that they wouldn’t mind being listed).

My first thank you goes to my husband, Dave, who is the most supportive best friend and life partner. Dave is often my roadie, recording engineer, stage manager, and sounding board. You can usually see him in action at every local concert. 

My Producers:
Those who made a donation or backed my Kickstarter project (in no particular order):

Clint Gorges
Rachel and Justin
Jennifer and Michael Montgomery
Rebecca Davis
Michelle Bohlman
Felix Karim and Libby Craig
Kenin Coloma
Nina Horvath
Brenda Yodice
Lori Lee
Laura Scarlata
Sara Skiwski
U Chang and Kae Sook Shim
Kiyoko Minakata
Susan Greenberg
Holly Hickman
Fabian Gonzalez
Alexa Still
Veronica Jiyeon Philipp
Miguel F Rodriguez
Jeff Tecca
Gen & Teri
Amy Likar
Michelle Kunz
Doris and Bud Morris
Constance E. Barrett
Alan Kingsley
Diane Grubbe
Alexey Marinichev
Flute Bay Area
Scott Hiltzik
John Rush
Jeanette Langdell
Jill Dreeben
Sarah Kang
Tamara Maddaford
Stacey Pelinka
Bob Kingston
Audiophilia, Inc
Kelly Newhouse Jenkins
Larry and Victoria Gold
Cary Ann Rosko
Thomas Alexander
Brenda Yodice
Lori Lee
Robin Kerner
Anne Argyriou
Calisa Hildebrand
Curtis Hughes
Dale Abersold
Catherine LeGrand
Lisa Bartholow
Paul J Dickinson
Carolyn Bremer
Vanessa Breault Mulvey
Jonathan Aibel
Soley Thrastardottir
Dan Yang
Dan and Nina Fendel
Tod Brody
Sara Styles
Lukas Hellermann
Margaret Donaghue Flavin
Maquette Kuper
Robert Gable (aworks)
Angela Johnson
Kimberly Clark
Cherin Koh
Beth Chandler
Walter Halvorsen
Kristi Edwards
Sharon Wilson