A sampler from the first New Music Open Mic show at the Center for New Music in San Francisco on June 18, 2015. 

Now THIS is my kind of open mic - dope sound collage, bastardized Nintendo, exquisite contemporary classical guitar, virtuoso soprano sax on a 1927 instrument playing solo composition by contemporary Hungarian composer based on the way objects blow in the wind- and non-EDM no joke electronic music for the 21st century. Advanced spatial location and fierce electro-acoustic texture depth with phat analog dimensionality. I’ve been away from home much too long.
— audience member comment regarding the March 25, 2016 show

As a curator at the Center for New Music, I am starting a New Music Open Mic show. Often, I have a piece or two that could be ready for performance but I don't have a chance to add it to a recital or other program. If you are in the same boat, I hope you will join me at the New Music Open Mic!

Pretty much any style of contemporary music is welcome as long as it has been created during the performer's lifetime and there is no other open mic forum better suited for your music. (For example, singer/songwriters are welcome if their music would not fit on a typical open mic night around town. Fixed media or all electronic pieces are also welcome. Free improv = great!) 10 minute limit for each performer. Tickets available at the door: $10 ($5 for C4NM members). Performers will split 100% of the proceeds. 

My tenure as curator comes to an end officially at the end of 2016. Therefore, there's one final show remaining: October 21.

Performers for October 21, 2016:

Scott Rubin
Monica Williams
Nate Chandler
Christina Caamano
Todd Larson + Ozem Roberts
Meerenai Shim and Lori Lack

Performers for August 26, 2016:

Matthew Creer
Alexander Ness
Todd Larson
David Samas
Miguel Hernandez
Sarah Vay Kerns

Performers for May 20, 2016:

Miguel Hernandez
Larry Walker
Ferdinand Weinberger

Janis Mercer
Meerenai Shim

Performers for March 25, 2016:

TM Duplantis
Yuri Liberzon
Silvia Matheus and Thomas Miley
L.J. Altvater

Michael Hernandez

Performers for January 22, 2016:

Eki Shola
David Navarro
Tyron Bradley
Molly Fishman
The PoYo Duo

Performers for November 15, 2015:

Adam Fong
Brent Miller
Jenny Maybee
Beau Dream
Meerenai Shim

Performers for August 21, 2015:

Douglas Lanam - solo piano
Giacomo Fiore - solo guitar
Thomas Miley - Electronic Wind Instrument and multimedia
Weston Olencki - percussion and electronics
Michael Hernandez - solo saxophone

The first show was on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 7:45pm at the Center for New Music in San Francisco:

Armando Castellano - solo french horn music written by Armando Bayolo
Joseph M. Colombo - solo piano and fixed media
Phoenix Rising (Monica Williams, flutist and Wendy Loomis, composer/pianist)
Nick Drexler - Gameboys
Diane Grubbe - solo alto flute music written by Mario Lavista
Michèle Walther - violin and looping pedal