Kong Must Dead: Follow Me

Ben Hjertmann, a Banglewood friend, has a band called Kong Must Dead. I recorded a few measures of music for this song on alto flute. Unfortunately I couldn't be there for this live performance but you can still hear my alto flute sounds in the opening of the song. Enjoy!

Kong Must Dead Live at Constellation Chicago, 1/26/14 from Psychopomp, CA music and lyrics by Ben Hjertmann Personnel (this song only) Live Band: Ben Hjertmann, voice Owen Davis, drums Stuart Seale, piano & keyboard Jessica Ling, violin Chris Fisher-Lochhead, viola Ben Willis, bass Brendon Randall-Myers, guitar Andy Junk, banjo & ukelele Pre-Recorded: Meerenai Shim, alto flute Luke Gullickson, piano Video courtesy of Peter Ferry. One thousand thanks, Peter!