2012 Call for Scores Wrap Up

To the 172 composers who answered my 2012 call for scores and sent me compositions for one flutist, thank you very much! Also, thank you for waiting over 1 year for me to get back to you. I feel terrible that I wasn't able to get through all the scores until now. (I was expecting about 30 submissions so once I got over 70 or so, I could't keep up and sort of put my head in the sand for a while!)

I received many fantastic pieces. Almost all of the 172+ pieces (because many composers sent me more than 1 piece) were really great but I was looking for pieces that will fit certain types of programs and projects I had in mind. Numerous well-written compositions were not selected. Many worthy and excellent composers were not (yet) commissioned - mainly because I do not have the funds! I chose 45 composers/pieces to perform, commission, or record. Some composers I have put on my commission wish-list (for, you know, when I win the lottery...) Some notable outcomes from the call for scores:

  • I recorded Jay C. Batzner's "Mercurial" for flute and tape and David E. Farrell's "moonwave" for solo flute on my last album, The Art of Noise.
  • My flute and percussion duo (A/B Duo) is commissioning a piece from Andrea La Rose.
  • I am commissioning a piece for flute plus effects from Doug Laustsen
  • I am planning a solo flute and electronics tour of the US (6 cities, so far) for February 2015 with some of the pieces I received through this call for scores. I'm very excited about this tour.  I am working on finding funding for this right now so I hope it works out. (I may just take this show on tour no matter what! - you know, hitchhike from city to city and wash dishes in any restaurant that'll take me, busk/beg on street corners - until I slowly make it to the next show…)
  • I will slowly work in the rest of the pieces I chose into my repertoire and start performing them later this year. 

Thank you again composers for writing cool stuff for us performers! 

PS. A/B Duo has a call for scores going on right now (accepting scores until March 10, 2014) if you're interested. My percussionist Chris Jones is in charge of this one so I promise it will be run efficiently and on time!