Introducing Aerocade Music

The big project I've been working on this summer is the launch of Aerocade Music, my new little independent record label. In addition to my own releases, Aerocade will produce a series of releases by A/B Duo in 2016. I am especially honored to release Post-Haste Reed Duo's debut CD on the Aerocade Music label in January 2016. 

I originally intended to just release my own projects on this label but an opportunity to work with Post-Haste Reed Duo sprang up so now I'm releasing other artists' music too! Aerocade Music and I are legit now! Most of the hard work these last new months were related to starting an actual company. 

Our first release will be my 3rd solo album, Pheromone, coming out on November 13, 2015. You can listen to one of the tracks now on the video I made for track 3 on the album: Pencilled Wings by Emma O'Halloran featuring Jacob Abela on piano.

Video shot on my iPhone 6. 

New video: Mercurial

I try to make videos of pieces I record whenever I can. Sometimes a live performance video looks good enough, but most of the time it's hard to produce a good multi angle video at a concert when I'm busy actually preparing for the performance. 

I had a few days last week when inspiration and some extra free time magically aligned. Thanks to NASA's public domain videos and animations, I was able to edit video of Jay C. Batzner's Mercurial for flute and fixed media. This piece can be found on my last album, The Art of Noise. Enjoy!  

Kong Must Dead: Follow Me

Ben Hjertmann, a Banglewood friend, has a band called Kong Must Dead. I recorded a few measures of music for this song on alto flute. Unfortunately I couldn't be there for this live performance but you can still hear my alto flute sounds in the opening of the song. Enjoy!

Kong Must Dead Live at Constellation Chicago, 1/26/14 from Psychopomp, CA music and lyrics by Ben Hjertmann Personnel (this song only) Live Band: Ben Hjertmann, voice Owen Davis, drums Stuart Seale, piano & keyboard Jessica Ling, violin Chris Fisher-Lochhead, viola Ben Willis, bass Brendon Randall-Myers, guitar Andy Junk, banjo & ukelele Pre-Recorded: Meerenai Shim, alto flute Luke Gullickson, piano Video courtesy of Peter Ferry. One thousand thanks, Peter!