Nagahara Full Concert flute for sale

UPDATE Dec 20, 2016: The flute has been sold!

I am selling my beloved Nagahara Full Concert model flute that I've had since 2005. This flute and I have recorded 4 full-length CDs (and many smaller recording projects) and performed many concerts all over the United States together. I am the first and only owner. I picked out the 14k gold head joint made by Kanichi Nagahara at the Nagahara headquarters near Boston. This flute has been loved and it has served me very well. I am so sad to part with this beautiful instrument but I must for financial reasons.

Right now, I'm hoping for a local (San Francisco Bay Area) buyer but I will consider any serious offers in the USA.

This flute is perfect for solo playing. It projects beautifully over an orchestra and I would keep it for playing concerti if I could afford to. I have had much luck playing it in chamber music settings and it blends really well with other flutes and woodwinds too. There's a reason why Nagahara Flutes have such a solid reputation. The mechanism is the absolute best. Kanichi Nagahara is one of the best headjoint makers in the world. I hope someone else can give it a good home and perform many more concerts with it. 

More details:

  • Price: $16,000 (A new flute with the same specifications, made in 2016, would cost $22,720)
  • Nagahara Full Concert model flute
  • Serial #449
  • 0.950 silver body with 14k gold head joint ("DA" cut, I think).
  • open hole (French style) keys
  • Custom C# touch piece (made by Nagahara)
  • soldered tone holes
  • pointed key arms
  • A=442
  • off-set G
  • C# trill key
  • D# roller
  • low B foot with gizmo key
  • Comes with original case and case cover in good condition.
  • Bonus: Includes additional custom-made locking double case made by Wiseman Cases which will fit this Nagahara Full Concert flute plus a metal piccolo (I never used this as a double case with piccolo so please try it out w/ your piccolo to confirm.).

The flute is in excellent mechanical/playing condition and there are no dents. Overhauled by Nagahara Flutes in 2015. There are very minor cosmetic scratches that do not effect the sound/mechanism and they are not noticeable unless you are looking for them. There is one section of the body with stubborn tarnish.  

Please contact me at if interested.