Pheromone comes out on Friday the 13th!

My 3rd solo CD, Pheromone, will be released on November 13th.

If you're in the NYC area: I'm playing all the pieces on the album at Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn on Sunday, November 1st. Link to Facebook event page.

If you're in Wichita, KS: I'm playing 4 of the 6 pieces from the album at the KNOB Festival on Saturday, November 7th. Link to event.

If you're in the San Francisco area: To celebrate, I'll be bringing some baked vegan goodies to the New Music Open Mic at the Center for New Music on SUNDAY, November 15th. I will also be performing one piece from the album at the Open Mic. Link to event.

Everywhere else: You can buy my album! CDs and digital downloads will soon be available everywhere on November 13th. In the meantime, you can pre-order the CD or digital downloads from Bandcamp. iTunes and Amazon both have downloads available for pre-sale too.