Call for scores update part 2

Last summer I asked composers to send me cool stuff for one flutist/performer.  I thought I would get maybe 30 responses but I had over 100. I was supposed to respond by October to let everyone know if I would play their piece or not.  Well it’s now mid-January and I’m only half-way through the scores. A part of me is tempted to just go through the list really quickly (and likely just saying no to most) just so I can get through them – especially since I feel so ashamed at how ridiculously behind I am – but I will continue at my tortoise-esque pace.

Dear Composers who sent me scores,

I honestly did not know how much time it would take.  I’m sincerely so sorry for the delay. If you have not heard from me since my email acknowledging receipt of your score, I did not forget about you. Thank you for your patience!